Amidst the rapid rise of the new Covid-19 subvariant, Eris, it’s crucial to address the surge in misinformation. While some supplements are believed to support the immune system, the industry remains largely unregulated, and clinical evidence supporting these claims is often limited and insufficient.

With unregulated immune-boosting supplement sales soaring to nearly $6 billion, it is essential to prioritize scientific data and consult healthcare professionals to make informed health decisions, when making decisions about their health, as the saying “caveat emptor” remains especially pertinent in the world of dietary supplements.

Examine some common themes in the dietary supplement and Covid rumor mill, so you can stay healthy and informed:

1.“It’s illegal under federal law for dietary supplements to bear claims that they prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease, including Covid-19.” – FACT

2. “Some supplements are FDA-approved to treat or prevent Covid.” – FICTION

3. “If a dietary supplement makes a claim such as ‘increases immunity against viruses,’ it means that it’s been through a clinical trial to support the claim.”- FICTION

4. “Dietary supplements and their claims receive authorization from the FDA before they’re allowed to be sold.”- FICTION

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