Radicle Science Spotlight: Verséa Wellness

The 13 brands that are participating in Radicle ACES all share something in common with Radicle Science—a mission-driven business model. We asked brands to share a bit more with us about what makes them tick, specifically as related to these 5 values:

  • Audacious
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent
  • Purpose-driven

Today’s Radicle Science Spotlight features Verséa Wellness. Check out how they are embodying these values, as described below by Jim Olin, their CCO.

James M. Olin, MBA
Chief Commercial Officer

"At Verséa, our mission is to help address the global health crisis and improve the well-being of people. We bring to market innovative products and technologies that improve diagnosis and care, and meet unmet needs, while bridging the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and botanical therapeutics."

Verséa Wellness was founded by a leading pain management and integrative health physician and two former executives from the pharmaceutical industry. All three have extensive experience across healthcare, with a particularly deep knowledge in pain management, and believe that there is an important role for both western medicine as well as traditional herbal remedies and botanical therapeutics.

Unfortunately, there are few areas where the science, disciplined research and robust quality standards of medicine and pharmaceutical development are truly applied to herbal remedies or supplements. In particular, our founders were convinced, based on traditional use and early research, of the immense potential of cannabinoids but largely disappointed in the scientific backing and quality of existing products on the market. In fact it seems most, if not all, are grounded in beliefs not science. This may be fine for recreational applications, but it certainly should not be acceptable for products often positioned as medicine to consumers and patients with real physical and mental health needs. Therefore, Verséa was founded with a mission centered on improving the well being of people by bridging the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and botanical therapeutics.


  • How can bold ideas transform the industry? Bold ideas challenge what is established as ‘how things are done’, what is ‘good enough’, and sometimes the generally accepted notion of what can’t be done. However, true innovation and progress most often relies on both the vision and persistence to push past what is currently accepted, strive for something better, and cross whatever boundaries are limiting progress. In the case of the healthcare and natural health & wellness industries, we believe that there is an artificial and unproductive boundary between the worlds of medicine, pharmaceuticals and natural remedies. One that largely creates a dynamic where practitioners, businesses, and brands takes sides… and not necessarily sides that are of a benefit to consumers and patients, as it prevents the best thinking and innovation from being brought together across the entire spectrum of care. So, being bold enough to challenge the boundaries between healthcare and natural care can bring transformational change to the benefits, types of products, and the quality of products available to consumers and patients in the cannabinoid market.
  • What makes your brand bold and audacious? The team at Verséa makes it our mission everyday to try and bridge the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and botanical therapeutics. Despite the fact that we’re still a relatively small company, we’re bringing world-class talent, transformational scientific research, physician driven and research-backed product formulations, pharmaceutical industry standards for quality, and IRB approved clinical research to the delivery of alternative and natural medicines. We call it our “From Nature to Nurture” philosophy, and it drives us to use science to deliver better formulations and better results.


  • In a crowded market, why is it important to collaborate with like-minded businesses vs compete? The market opportunity is tremendous but, more importantly, the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on people’s health and wellness is immeasurable. In our view few, if any, truly transformational positive changes have happened because of one person or one company. Therefore, we believe that by working with other like minded businesses we can help drive forward positive change in healthcare and natural wellness more quickly and more completely.
  • Why is the collaboration with Radicle Science important to your brand? The Verséa brand and business is grounded in research and scientific discovery. The Radicle Science project aligns with our on-going focus and investments in expanding the scientific and in-use knowledge of CBD and other botanicals.


"Radicle Science, is truly a complement to our own on-going IRB approved patient registry program which is studying the real-world usage of Verséa Clinical Hemp products."

  • What insights are needed most in this industry? The industry needs true research and insight into the clinical effectiveness in different usage situations of CBD, other cannabinoids, and botanicals in general. The transformation of healthcare to a system that truly integrates natural remedies will require proof of safety and effectiveness, as well as defined standards for use in practice.
  • ​​What real-world evidence does a Radicle Science study offer that your brand believes is necessary? Radicle Science, is truly a complement to our own on-going IRB approved patient registry program which is studying the real-world usage of Verséa Clinical Hemp products. Both initiatives are designed to uncover deeper understanding of the why’s and how’s of CBD product usage, as well as their effectiveness against different need states.


  • How does your brand ensure transparency for your customers? Verséa ensures transparency for our customers by making 3rd party lab validation results easily available for every batch of our products.

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