Kaustubh (Kaus) first joined Radicle Science as an intern shortly before he finished graduate school at UC San Diego. Armin, whom Kaus had known since freshman year of their undergraduate programs, introduced him to Pelin. While interning at Radicle Science, he enjoyed the creative process of designing systems and solutions, which he hadn’t done at such a scale, and how nice and easy to work with everyone was. Kaus was invited to join Radicle Science as a full time employee and happily accepted.

Kaus strives to be the absolute best at anything he does. While his main area of interest is machine learning and genetic algorithms, he has a wide skill set relevant to his work at Radicle Science. Kaus has led research using statistical learning to classify multiple metabolite-based drug transporters discovered in the lab, has worked in cyber-security as a full-stack engineer, and has built serverless architectures and platforms for internal tools. A large part of Kaustubh’s independent research in graduate school focused on genetic learning and neuro-evolution algorithms.

Kaustubh loves dogs, video games, and exploring new cities and environments. He also loves to cook, and is slowly working towards mastering different cuisines.

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