User-Focused. Industrious. Empathetic.

Sean has a BS in Business with a minor in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. His professional experience includes roles as VP of Product at DrChrono EHR, Product & Engineering Lead at IBDPartners, and Founder at Crohnology. He has spent his career building tools to empower people to contribute their health experiences to global knowledge. From his personal experience with Crohn’s, he built Crohnology, a website for patients with Crohn’s & Colitis to track their health and treatments, sharing insights about effective treatments.

Professionally, Sean is passionate about creating products people love by building highly effective product teams and processes. He is committed to empowering people to share their lived health experiences for the benefit of global knowledge.Outside of work, Sean loves the great outdoors, enjoying activities such as camping, hiking, and mountain biking. He also pilots airplanes, flies paragliders, and enjoys acroyoga and functional movement.

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