The Radicle Way

We've reimagined research to offer the first ever path to natural medicine validation.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer studies
Rigorous health outcomes data + actionable insights
Cheaper + quicker than traditional models
The Radicle Way

Rigorous, human studies are essential to substantiate CBD health claims

To date, most research has used animal models and the data to assess effective therapeutic doses for medical conditions is inadequate. As a result, the top two barriers to consumers trying CBD are a lack of research on health benefits and difficulty in gauging product efficacy.

CBD and other natural medicine brands need rigorous evidence to validate formulations and substantiate claims. That’s where Radicle Science comes in.

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Our Radicle approach

Radicle Science disrupts the traditional clinical trial model by combining the reach of a market research company, the medical rigor of a research university, and the agility of a tech company.

Leveraging digital health, big data, and crowdsourcing, our proprietary data analytics platform offers the first ever path to natural medicine validation at scale. Our transformative approach delivers objective health outcome data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Virtual – 10x cheaper
Direct to consumer – 10x faster
Crowdsourced – 10x greater scale

We plant the seeds to help CBD brands grow

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Big data approach. Unparalleled insight.

Our big data approach offers a unique analysis of demographic or behavioral variations.

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Delivers deep customer insights for targeted marketing
Enables structure/function claims
Builds brand credibility and drives revenue
Radicle observation

RADICLE Observation is a prospective, 4-week observational study of your existing customers. It allows you to generate Real World Evidence about your brand’s performance and customer behavior. The actionable insights generated include dosing, administration frequency, demographic and behavioral characteristics of users, along with the potential predictors and modifiers of treatment response and adverse effects.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer study
Simultaneously assesses effects on wellbeing, pain, sleep, and anxiety
Results in <90 days, from study launch to report delivery
Oral ingestible products only; multiple SKUs for no additional charge
Minimum # of customers needed =100
Receive raw data + overall study insights report
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Radicle discovery

RADICLE Discovery allows brands to test multiple products across multiple conditions in new users. Our approach provides you with an objective head-to-head comparison of different products (including formulations, form factors, or dosages) to assess their relative strengths and weaknesses across a heterogeneous participant population.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer, in-home study
Tests multiple formulations randomized across participants
Simultaneously assesses effects on wellbeing, pain, sleep, and anxiety
Defines desired demographics for target participants
Minimums: 30-day study period, 2 products, 200 participants per product
Receive raw data + overall study insights report
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Radicle validation

RADICLE Validation is a blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial (RCT) to demonstrate product efficacy for a specific condition. Our virtual, direct-to-consumer approach offers the first ever path to natural medicine validation and allows brands to substantiate label claims.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer clinical trial
Tests against placebo, randomized across blinded participants
Validates a product claim for wellbeing, pain, sleep, or anxiety
Defines desired demographics for the target participants
Minimums: 30 day study period, 2 products, 100 participants per product
Receive raw data + overall study insights report
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Find the right option for your brand

Drives top line revenue
Helps brands and study participants make better business and health decisions
Provides a Personalized Insights Report to each participating customer to drive loyalty
Provides data that can be shared with private stakeholders (e.g. investors, retailers, licensors)
Builds brand confidence
Informs product development and internal decision making
Identifies opportunities for claims by providing a hypothesis for a RADICLE Validation study, which is claims enabling
Builds brand credibility
Provides data that can be shared with public stakeholders
Substantiates label claims
Differentiates your brand across a crowded market place


"Fueled by emerging trends and technologies, Radicle Science is taking a highly innovative approach to validating natural medicine efficacy. The unique insights that can be revealed by combining rigorous patient reported outcome (PRO) data with digital health data from wearables, EHR and other sources have the potential to not only revolutionize traditional research, but also empower consumers and health care providers with actionable, personalized information. Radicle Science may just transform the natural medicine industry as we know it."

Satish tadikonda
Satish Tadikonda
Managing Partner, Avigo Solutions

“Trust and transparency are core values at Prospect Farms. From the hemp seeds to the soil to the formulations, everything happens on site and we share details about every part of the process. This level of accountability does not extend across the industry with many products overpromising and under delivering, which increases customer confusion and apprehension. We are delighted to partner with Radicle Science to help move the industry forward with real world observational results, offering truly transparent data on how people are using and experiencing our products in the real world.”

Brad Tipper Color Headshot
Brad Tipper
CEO, Prospect Farms

"Radicle Science effectively addresses the primary obstacles standing in the way of rigorous natural medicines research, including the slow speed and high cost of clinical trials as well as the small, homogeneous study populations that are not representative of the consumers at large. Their bold endeavor has the power to democratize access to safe and effective treatment options for all."

Andy Noorda
Andy Noorda
Chairman & Co-founder, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

“As brand and community builders in the cannabis and hemp marketplace, we're seeing a surge in consumer interest for CBD. Yet, there is virtually no data on type of formulations, dose, frequency, timing of use, and delivery methods most associated with therapeutic benefit. Radicle Science leverages digital health and big data to democratize science and enable natural medicines to become validated for the first time in history, which is essential to increase trust and credibility in the cannabis and CBD industry.”

Michael kamins
Michael Kamins
Co-founder & Partner, OpenNest

"Marketing departments do a good job at selling comfort, security, and effectiveness. Let's be honest, when was the last time that you saw a label on a supplement product that said this product DOESN'T work? Rather than simply taking the brand's "word for it", Radicle provides an evidence-based platform that empowers consumers to make the best choice for themselves and the condition they are managing."

Jaclyn Bowen, MPH, MS
Executive Director, Clean Label Project

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