The Radicle Way

We've reimagined research to offer the first ever path to natural product validation at scale.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer studies
Rigorous health outcomes data + actionable insights
Cheaper + quicker than traditional models
The Radicle Way

Rigorous, human studies are essential to substantiate CBD and other cannabinoid-based product health claims

To date, most research has used animal models and the data to assess effective therapeutic doses for need states is inadequate. As a result, the top two barriers to consumers trying CBD are a lack of research on health benefits and difficulty in gauging product efficacy.

CBD, cannabinoid-based products, and other natural products need rigorous evidence to validate formulations and substantiate claims. That’s where Radicle Science comes in.

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Our Radicle approach

Radicle Science disrupts the traditional clinical trial model by combining the reach of a market research company, the scientific rigor of a research university, and the agility of a tech company.

Leveraging digital health, big data, and crowdsourcing, our proprietary data analytics platform offers a transformative approach that delivers objective health outcome data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our offerings provide the first path to natural product validation at scale, starting with the CBD and federally legal cannabinoid industry and then moving on to validating adjacent natural product markets such as state-legal cannabis/THC, nootropics and functional mushrooms.

Virtual – 10x cheaper
Direct to consumer – 10x faster
Crowdsourced – 10x greater scale

Big data approach. Unparalleled insight.

Our big data approach offers a unique analysis of demographic or behavioral variations.

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Delivers deep customer insights for targeted marketing
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Enables structure/function claims
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Builds brand credibility and drives revenue
Radicle observation
Real World™

Radicle Real World is a prospective, 4-week, unblinded, randomized controlled trial (RCT) of cannabinoid products against waitlist control in new users. It allows you to generate Real-World Evidence about your brand’s performance and customer behavior. The actionable insights generated including behavior and characteristics, health status, dosing, usage patterns, effectiveness for various health outcomes, onset and duration of effect, side effects, and possible predictors/modifiers of treatment response.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer study of orally ingestible products
Simultaneously assesses effects on well-being, pain, sleep, and anxiety
Results ready in ~120 days from launch of study
Quality compliance and assessment required for brand participation
Product must contain at least one cannabinoid, be legal for distribution across state lines and can contain other legal dietary supplement ingredients
Receive raw data + Radicle Brand Insights Report
Schedule a 15 min strategy session
Radicle discovery

Radicle Discovery is a 4-week, blinded, RCT of cannabinoid products against placebo or active control that is intended to help you assess the effects of various cannabinoid products (including formulations, form factors, and/or dosages) across need states such as general well-being, quality of life, pain, feelings of anxiety, and sleep disturbance. Our Radicle approach explores the true differences between products in effectiveness, side effects, and user satisfaction across an intentionally heterogeneous participant population.

Accelerates product development by discovering the most optimal product for a given need state and/or target user
Virtual, direct-to-consumer, in-home study
Simultaneously assess differential effects on a variety of need states and health outcomes in new users
Quality compliance and assessment required for brand participation
Receive raw data + Radicle Discovery Insights Report
Minimums: 4-week study period, 2 products, 300 participants per product
Schedule a 15 min strategy session
Radicle snapshot

Radicle Snapshot leverages existing customers to collect real-world data (RWD) on a specific product at a single point-in-time. Our Radicle approach will help you understand customer demographics, behavior, health status, dosing, usage patterns, perceived effectiveness for various health outcomes, onset and duration of effect, and noticeable side effects.

Virtual, direct-to-consumer study of existing customers
Product may contain cannabinoids or state-legal cannabis, and/or any other legal ingredients
Drives customer retention and differentiates your brand
Quality compliance and assessment required for brand participation
Receive raw data + Radicle Snapshot Insights Report
Bookings in 2021 are eligible for a discount!
Schedule a 15 min strategy session

Find the right offering for your brand

Drives top line revenue
Differentiates your brand across a crowded market place
Informs better business and health decisions
Helps brands and study participants make better business and health decisions
Provides data that can be shared with private stakeholders (e.g. investors, retailers, licensors)
Provides data that can be shared with public stakeholders
Radicle Science recommends that brands consult with their legal counsel on the most optimal ways to share the data publicly
Builds brand confidence
Informs internal decision making
Builds brand credibility
Recruits new customers for your brand
Radicle Science will recruit new users for your study, leveraging our organized network of over 2 million Americans interested in cannabinoids. At study conclusion, we will provide you with a list of all participants who opt-in to receive communication from your brand.
Studies your existing customer base
Better understand who your users are, when, how, and why they consumed your product, and what health effects they experienced.
Informs product development
Identifies opportunities for claims
A Radicle Discovery helps test your hypotheses before launching a new product


“As bio-pharmaceutical industry leaders, the MD FARMA team is proud to partner with Radicle Science in the mission to develop practical data, and further the credibility of high quality cannabinoid therapy as we expedite its entry into the mainstream of evidence-based healthcare to benefit the millions of patients seeking natural therapeutics.”

Chad Collins Headshot original 47
Chad Collins

“The Radicle ACES study aims to answer lingering questions as to who should take cannabidiol, how much and for what conditions, as well as differing dosage patterns. CBD is much more subtle in its effects and quite benign compared to THC. Patients are unclear on what product to choose and healthcare providers don’t yet have the data to counsel on proper dosage.”

Ethan Russo headshot 2015
Ethan Russo, MD
Founder & CEO, CReDO Science

"At Maven Hemp, we believe in the importance of having access to verified data that supports the ways our company makes a positive impact. Participating in the Radicle ACES study allows us to align with Radicle, a B-corp that shares our values, while building trust and confidence as we work to distribute our products to doctors and patients across Latin America and beyond. We're in the process of B-corp certification, and are making progress towards our impact goals every day. We're proud to align with mission-driven partners, including Radicle Science and the other 12 brands in the Radicle ACES study."

Zev Barnett
Zev Barnett
CEO, Maven Hemp

“The Radicle ACES study is groundbreaking, as it will move the industry from anecdotal hearsay regarding CBD efficacy to concrete scientific data. While most clinical studies focus on a very narrow aspect of CBD, the ACES study will utilize a large sample group and cover a wide range of products to investigate the effectiveness of specific products for specific purposes.”

Joe Cachey headshot
Joseph Cachey
CEO, Green Rock Hemp Holdings

"Radicle ACES is a groundbreaking new approach to conducting clinical trials. Taking advantage of the newly established infrastructure of connectivity, and technology that allows for remote patient monitoring and data collection, Radicle ACES will complete rigorous clinical research at an unprecedented scale and speed. This approach also makes clinical trials accessible to larger and more representative populations. The results of the Radicle ACES research program will help answer critical questions about the efficacy and safety of specific CBD products for targeted health-related effects."

Ryan Vandrey
Ryan Vandrey, PhD
Professor, Behavioral Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins University

“As a brand committed to supporting the well-being of all, we’re thrilled to partner with Radicle Science on this first-of-it’s-kind Real World Evidence study. We hope the [Radicle ACES] research will further champion and normalize the use of CBD as an evidenced-based ingredient in support of holistic well-being.”

Angie Tebbe
Angie Tebbe
CEO & Co-founder, Rae Wellness

"The value and credibility that the Radicle ACES study will bring to the commercial CBD space is rooted in the trusted, scientifically-evaluated first-party data and a level of transparency that consumers would traditionally demand and have access to before purchasing a wellness product in a parallel category. We know that not all CBD is created equal and, given the research in this category has historically been focused specifically on cannabinoids in isolation, not as part of a fully formulated product commercially available to consumers, we believe the findings of this study will bring a lot of validity to our products and other leading products in the space."

Brad Tipper Color Headshot
Brad Tipper
CEO, Prospect Farms

"Marketing departments do a good job at selling comfort, security, and effectiveness. Let's be honest, when was the last time that you saw a label on a supplement product that said this product DOESN'T work? Rather than simply taking the brand's "word for it", Radicle provides an evidence-based platform that empowers consumers to make the best choice for themselves and the condition they are managing."

Jaclyn Bowen, MPH, MS
Executive Director, Clean Label Project

"The collaboration between Radicle Science, academic medicine, and therapeutically focused cannabis brands makes the Radicle ACES trial particularly exciting. We are thrilled to be part of a rigorous investigation into how Trokie and other clinically relevant CBD products can improve the lives of patients, and also hopefully expand the avenues for more clinical cannabinoid research."

Kent crowley headshot
Kent Crowley, PharmD
Trokie Inventor & Chief Science Officer

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