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Discover the Radicle way

Radicle Science delivers differentiation and actionable insights by discovering how customers experience your health and wellness products in the real world as well as in controlled trial settings. Our big data approach offers a unique analysis of demographic or behavioral variations.

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Designed by renowned experts. Grounded in validated methods. Supported by strong industry and academic partnerships.

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100% virtual approach. Powered by best-in-class technologies. Established protocols and processes.

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<90 days from start to actionable results. Exclusive access to diverse populations. Streamlined onboarding.

Radicle research, targeted results

Radicle Science delivers differentiation and actionable insights by discovering how customers experience your health and wellness products in the real world as well as in controlled trial settings. Our big data approach offers a unique analysis of demographic or behavioral variations.

Delivers deep customer insights for targeted marketing
Enables structure/ function claims
Builds brand credibility and drives revenue

Our offerings

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Real World™

Real world evidence (RWE), straight from new customers, for an in-depth view of their product experiences.

Drives strategic business decisions
Guides customer segmentation
Informs use recommendations
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Randomized, blinded, RCT simultaneously testing different formulations, form factors, and/or dosages.

Accelerates product development
Aligns products to use cases
Placebo-control creates claims-enabling approach
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A cross-sectional, single-point-in-time study to collect real-world data (RWD) on your products & customers

Virtual, DTC study of existing customers
Drives customer retention
Enables better-informed internal decisions
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100s of years of combined experience

Radicle Science brings together a highly-experienced team of renowned experts and trailblazers operating at the intersection of digital health, big data, and health and wellness products. Our collective vision is a future where affordable health and wellness products are trusted by patients, recommended by physicians, reimbursed by insurance, and used as widely as pharmaceutical drugs.

Let's get acquainted


“Radicle’s founder and chief scientist has unparalleled experience leading research on Cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. This scientific foundation demonstrates that the ACES study will be based on integrity and transparency. These are the same principles shared by Enhanced Botanicals—integrity of raw materials, transparency in ingredients and testing, and consistency in developing high quality products our customers can count on.”

Joe Cachey
Joseph Cachey
CEO, Green Rock Hemp Holdings

"Fueled by emerging trends and technologies, Radicle Science is taking a highly innovative approach to validating natural medicine efficacy. The unique insights that can be revealed by combining rigorous patient reported outcome (PRO) data with digital health data from wearables, EHR and other sources have the potential to not only revolutionize traditional research, but also empower consumers and health care providers with actionable, personalized information. Radicle Science may just transform the natural medicine industry as we know it."

Satish Tadikonda
Satish Tadikonda
Managing Partner, Avigo Solutions

“Trust and transparency are core values at Prospect Farms. From the hemp seeds to the soil to the formulations, everything happens on site and we share details about every part of the process. This level of accountability does not extend across the industry with many products overpromising and under delivering, which increases customer confusion and apprehension. We are delighted to partner with Radicle Science to help move the industry forward with real world observational results, offering truly transparent data on how people are using and experiencing our products in the real world.”

Brad Tipper
Brad Tipper
CEO, Prospect Farms

“As bio-pharmaceutical industry leaders, the MD FARMA team is proud to partner with Radicle Science in the mission to develop practical data, and further the credibility of high quality cannabinoid therapy as we expedite its entry into the mainstream of evidence-based healthcare to benefit the millions of patients seeking natural therapeutics.”

Chad Collins
Chad Collins

"Radicle Science effectively addresses the primary obstacles standing in the way of rigorous natural medicines research, including the slow speed and high cost of clinical trials as well as the small, homogeneous study populations that are not representative of the consumers at large. Their bold endeavor has the power to democratize access to safe and effective treatment options for all."

Andy Noorda
Chairman & Co-founder, Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

“As a brand committed to supporting the well-being of all, we’re thrilled to partner with Radicle Science on this first-of-it’s-kind Real World Evidence study. We hope the [Radicle ACES] research will further champion and normalize the use of CBD as an evidenced-based ingredient in support of holistic well-being.”

Angie Tebbe
Angie Tebbe
CEO & Co-founder, Rae Wellness

“As brand and community builders in the cannabis and hemp marketplace, we're seeing a surge in consumer interest for CBD. Yet, there is virtually no data on type of formulations, dose, frequency, timing of use, and delivery methods most associated with therapeutic benefit. Radicle Science leverages digital health and big data to democratize science and enable natural medicines to become validated for the first time in history, which is essential to increase trust and credibility in the cannabis and CBD industry.”

Michael Kamins
Michael Kamins
Co-founder & Partner, OpenNest

"Marketing departments do a good job at selling comfort, security, and effectiveness. Let's be honest, when was the last time that you saw a label on a supplement product that said this product DOESN'T work? Rather than simply taking the brand's "word for it", Radicle provides an evidence-based platform that empowers consumers to make the best choice for themselves and the condition they are managing."

Jaclyn Bowen
Jaclyn Bowen, MPH, MS
Executive Director, Clean Label Project