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Radicle Science is a UCSF Finalist, by helping supplements prove their efficacy beyond placebo.
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We are the Radicle Rebels, on a mission to permanently alter the course of healthcare for future generations.

We have revolutionized clinical trials and are transforming health and wellness products into precision medicine.

As entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, doctors, technologists and public health advocates, we are some of the world’s foremost experts in our fields and understand the magnitude of our stated mission.

We are audacious risk-takers and dreamers. Moonshots are in our DNA because we know when we succeed, the impact for humanity will be astronomical.

We aim to achieve the improbable, if not the impossible. We don’t just think outside of the box… we know there isn’t one!

If you feel like you have found your people, please read on!

Rebels Wanted

We work and play hard together 100% virtually across many time zones. Yet, we get to retreat as a tribe regularly, as we collaborate, laugh, strategize, feast, hike, dance and dream together. We are family…and we are definitely in this adventure together!

photo of Radicle team on a jeep
photo of 5 Radicle Science team members, at a top of a hike trail.
event photo at a house with a few people

Benefits for Radicle Rebels

Work with trailblazers and thought leaders

Be part of history and contribute to groundbreaking science

Medical, health, dental benefits

Equipment stipend

Covered lodging in San Diego for retreats and events

Are you ready to join the Radicle Rebellion to be a part of reimagining and delivering the future of healthcare?

We’re your tribe.

Current job openings at Radicle Science

Radicle Science is an AI-driven healthtech B-corporation,offering the wellness industry an easy and affordable path to prove their true effects beyond placebo, across diverse conditions and populations. As history’s first “Proof-as-a-Service” company,  Radicle combines gold-standard double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled scientific design, with a unique AI-driven, crowdsourced, virtual, direct-to-consumer approach, to deliver clinical trials at unprecedented affordability and speed.  Radicle has productized rigorous proof generation and packaged it as a standardized, automated, scalable, tech-enabled offering for wellness products, ranging from dietary supplements, to functional foods and beverages.

We are seeking an experienced full stack developer with a passion to build and create innovative, durable, and elegant solutions. You will be involved in the development, management and deployment of our backend cloud infrastructure. Building APIs, dashboards, debugging customer issues, and solving technical and data related problems. You will play a big part in our ongoing success by ensuring our application environments are stable and our application deployments are high quality. 

This isn’t a big corporate role where you will only focus on one specialized technology. You will get to play a central role in the creation, implementation, and improvement of our products. Your contributions to our products will have a meaningful, direct impact on our large and growing user base.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Analyze technical requirements and implementing code to support them
  • Contribute to the development of our internal management, reporting and productivity tools
  • Guide in the designing, building, testing and deployment customer facing web applications
  • Implement, test, and document APIs
  • Solve challenging problems and deliver results on a timeline
  • Participate in the continual improvement of our applications and tools
  • Uphold high code quality standards and help refactor the existing codebase

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years development experience with Python, JavasScript/TypeScript, Elixir, and other related languages
  • Bachelors in a related field or relevant experience (We know there are many ways to learn)
  • SQL (Postgres) and NoSQL (MongoDB)database experience
  • Strong understanding of version control, branching, pull requests, and best practices of source control

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Experience integrating with third party APIs
  • Familiar with agile development methods like Kanban or Scrum
  • HIPAA Compliance experience desired
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