Our Roots

Radicle Science was borne of our deep conviction that there’s an untapped universe of democratized medicines hidden among the nonprescription consumer health and wellness landscape. We founded Radicle Science to provide history’s first easy path for these products to clinically prove their true effects beyond placebo. Our transformative AI-driven, virtual, D2C clinical trial approach generates the industry’s first large-scale predictive health data at unprecedented affordability and speed, resulting in the much needed proof of effectiveness for brands, consumers, retailers, and healthcare professionals.

Finally, companies can formulate innovative products based on real evidence. Consumers can confidently buy proven products that work for someone like them.

That’s the power of delivering Proof-as-a-Service



The first root to emerge from a plant.

A constant reminder of our radically disruptive approach.

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The Radicle Manifesto

Humans have relied on natural products as medicine for millennia. Many such remedies are still used by billions around the world.  Today, more than 80% of Americans use natural products, such as nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, and these industries continue to rapidly grow. However, most supplement companies still don’t have proof of effectiveness for their products.  That’s because they don’t have easy or affordable access to clinical trials.  Primarily serving patented synthetic pharmaceuticals, traditional trials are simply too expensive and too slow for these unpatentable natural products.  Worse still, the small size and strict criteria of traditional trials significantly reduces their relevance to diverse real-world populations. This has created a huge gap between the benefits supplement companies promise and the scientific evidence to back it up.  

We call this the Proof Gap.  

The proof gap is causing immeasurable damage, limiting the full potential of these non-prescription products as effective treatments accessible by all and eroding trust in this massive industry.  And the ramifications are grave for natural product suppliers, healthcare providers, and consumers alike.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it won’t. Frustrated with this ineffective current model, and wanting to accelerate our original missions leading and funding some of history’s first and largest natural product clinical trials at top institutions including UCLA and UC San Diego, we joined forces to co-found Radicle Science. We knew it was time to establish a new paradigm and offer history’s first easy path to proving the true effects of nonprescription health and wellness products beyond placebo.

Just as importantly, we wanted to seize the unique opportunity to bring much needed equity and diversity into medical research and personalize these products to our increasingly diverse population. The unprecedented scale and reach of our intentionally diverse studies finally enables inclusion of broad ethnicities, genders, and age groups to move us closer to personalized medicine.

We are pioneering Proof-as-a-Service, because proof drives transformation. 

And we’re transforming non-pharmaceutical products into proven personalized medicines, accessible by all without gatekeepers. At its core, Radicle Science is a rebellion against the status quo of research and healthcare and a movement towards personalized, proven health and wellness treatments trusted by consumers, recommended by healthcare providers, and are used widely to deliver well-being for all generations. That’s the abundant future we are creating, and we want you to join us. 

It’s not a crazy idea. It’s a Radicle one.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Pelin Thorogood - Proof-as-a-Service

Jeff & Pelin

Radicle Science Co-founders and Rebels With a Cause
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Our Credo

As a B-corp, we are dedicated to uncovering the objective health outcome data behind natural health products to unlock safe, effective and affordable treatments for all. Who we are, how we operate, and how we grow are grounded in shared values that constantly inspire us to make good on our mission.


A big idea, boldly executed by an inspired team, is the best way to transform the world.


Cooperation, rooted in aligned goals, is fundamental to both business success and societal progress.


Open, clear, and factual communication is essential for trust and credibility.


Rigorously collected and analyzed data, not anecdotes, should drive everything from health choices to business decisions.


Applying modern science to natural products is what’s needed to unlock safe, effective, and democratized treatments for humanity.