Radicle Science & Rae Wellness present phase I CBD and Women’s Health study results

The Rae Wellness study on CBD and Women’s Health is one of the first and largest randomized, controlled human studies to evaluate the effects of commercially available non-prescription CBD products. To our knowledge, it represents the first CBD study to focus exclusively on women’s health and wellness.

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“Most research on the neurological effects of CBD have been conducted among men. Indeed, women have historically been—and continue to be—underrepresented as subjects in medical research.”

Pelin Thorogood

Co-founder & Executive Chairwoman, Radicle Science


In Q4 2020, 1350 females aged 24-44 from across the US were recruited to participate in a 60-day in-home use test (IHUT) comparing the effects of 8 different CBD products by Rae Wellness across well-being, mental health, physical health, digestive health, sleep quality, and sexual satisfaction. Of the 1350 participants, 1218 completed the 60-day IHUT. Radicle Science and Wholistic Research & Education Foundation, in partnership with OpenNest Labs, conducted an IRB-reviewed study consisting of data verification followed by secondary analysis of the Rae Wellness IHUT dataset. The primary objectives of the study were to assess:

  1. whether women randomized to any CBD product during the 60-day study experienced improvements across a range of health domains compared to the no-treatment control group, and
  2. whether there were any differences in performance between the different CBD products.

Phase I analysis

  • We observed that consumption of any CBD product led to significant reductions in anxiety over the course of 60 days, when compared to the control group with no consumption. These reductions mainly occurred within the first 30 days of use, and these lower anxiety levels were sustained for at least another 30 days of use
  • Similar reductions were observed for all products and across different levels of CBD dosage (15-30 mg), THC concentration (0% or up to 0.3%) and mode of delivery (oil or capsule)

"While there are thousands of CBD brands being used by tens of millions of Americans, there is virtually no data on which formulations, used in what manner, for which types of individuals, may offer the most benefit.”

Jeff Chen, MD, MBA

Co-founder & CEO, Radicle Science

Phase II analysis

In our Phase II analysis, which will be released in Fall of 2021, we will evaluate the impact of CBD consumption on other physical and mental health domains such as well-being, pain, digestive health, sleep quality, and sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, we will assess specific factors that may impact or be predictive of the effects of CBD on various health domains. These factors include any demographic variations, such as ethnicity, as well as behavioral factors, such as variations in time of day the products were consumed.

Download the full white paper

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