Coffee Talk with Michelle L. Shuffett, MD

I joined Radicle Science as a founding team member and Chief Growth Officer. It’s exciting to be a part of a Rebellion against the status quo of healthcare and research and a movement towards democratized, personalized medicines that have the potential to deliver well-being for all future generations.

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the CannMed Coffee Talk Podcast Series, hosted by Ben Amirault. The 30-minute chat, sponsored by Medicinal Genomics, was a great chance to talk about my recent work in the cannabis industry, which has focused on highlighting the potential health benefits of cannabis and CBD.

“My passion lies in helping others make smart choices related to their health and wellness journey. As part of the founding team at Radicle Science, I get to bring that passion to the forefront by advancing the science around natural medicines.”

Ben and I talked a lot about what Radicle is doing to achieve our goals. We also chatted about:

  • My journey from practicing physician to cannabis research, education, and advocacy
  • Challenges with traditional clinical research
  • Lack of reliable data on the effectiveness of natural products
  • How Radicle Science recruits participants and collects data
  • Ongoing and upcoming studies Radicle Sciences is conducting

I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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