When it comes to pitching media, the struggle is real. Different journalists have different beats, and it’s hard to determine what will land or languish. In an era when content is king, it’s difficult for brands to create unique content and interesting media pitches that will get earned coverage. 

But you’re in luck!  Danielle Masterson, Deputy Editor at NutraIngredients-USA and host of the podcast “The NutraCast,” recently shared her secrets in our recent Radicle Perspectives webinar.  Here are a few favorite topics and angles that catch her journalism eye. 

Hot Topic #1: Artificial Intelligence (AI):

As AI continues to revolutionize all aspects of life, the dietary supplement industry is no exception. Whether it’s using AI to aid in formulation creation, evaluate compliance, enable personalization, or assist in research, we are just beginning to understand its full capabilities – making the novel application of AI a hot topic. 

Hot Topic #2: Regulatory:

Just as with our mainstream media consumption, Americans love drama and controversy, and the same holds true when it comes to the dietary supplement industry. Emerging regulations and recalls are always trending because not only do they give all of us an idea of what is coming down the pipe when it comes to regulatory expectations and compliance, they also give us a heads up on what not to do – and why!

Hot Topic #3: Founder’s Stories:  

Another topic of interest is human interest stories, ones that get us out of the day-to-day grind and get us inspired!  Founder’s stories evoke feelings of empathy and relatability. They are also great PR for the brand, as sharing their origin story makes it easier to connect with investors, retailers, and consumers on multiple levels. 

Hot Topic #4: Women’s Health:

With women making up over 50% of the US population, it’s no surprise that women’s health is a key priority. However, the unique needs of women during different phases of life – coupled with the historical lack of research on women (which Radicle has worked hard to address in achieving gender-parity in our clinical trials on supplements!) – makes this an area ripe for new innovations and breakthroughs. 

Hot Topic #5: Trends (like Brain Health and Gut Health):

Who doesn’t like hearing about new trends and the potential next big thing? Trends allow brands and industries to rethink current boundaries. Topics relating to supporting the gut microbiome (psst…Radicle has a gut health clinical trial) and brain health (psst…we have a cognition clinical trial as well) to help support the aging baby boomer population are just a few of the top trends in dietary supplements today.  

When it comes to media pitches, the goal is to generate coverage. Do what it takes to cut through the email clutter and get heard. Do your homework in advance and personalize your story. 

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