interviewed Dr. Jeff Chen and Dr. Ethan Russo about Radicle ACES!

Radicle Science co-founder Jeff Chen, MD, and Ethan Russo, MD, a member of the Radicle Science Advisory Board, were recently interviewed by Medscape about our Radicle ACES (Advancing CBD Education and Science) Study.

The post by Liz Scherer, titled “OTC Cannabidiol Products Tied to Improved Pain, Sleep, Anxiety” is available in full text if you register on the site, but we’ve shared some highlights below.

“Despite the growing market size of commercially available CBD products ‘there is still scant data on the effectiveness of over-the-counter cannabinoid products due to the cost, speed, and scale limitations of the current approach to scientific research,’ Jeff Chen, MD, MBA, co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science, told Medscape Medical News.”

Jeff Chen, MD, MBA
Co-founder & CEO, Radicle Science

“Russo explained why product composition is an important factor, especially when dealing with CBD. ‘What happens with any given [CBD] preparation is going to be totally a function of other components, if any,’ he said.

‘For example, there’s this mistaken notion that cannabidiol is sedating; it is not. Pure cannabidiol is stimulating in low and moderate amounts. Where the confusion has arisen is that the early chemovars containing cannabidiol were also predominant in myrcene, the sedating terpene, [thereby] creating this misimpression that it is good for sleep,’ he added.”

Ethan Russo, MD
Founder and CEO, CReDO Science
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