The brands Radicle Science collaborates with all share something in common with Radicle Science—a mission-driven business model. In the Spotlight series, we ask brands to share a bit more with us about what makes them tick, specifically as related to these five values:

  • Audacious
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent
  • Purpose-driven

Today’s Radicle Science Spotlight features Cronos Group. (Lord Jones, a Cronos Group brand, participated in our Radicle ACES study.) Check out how they are embodying these values, as described below by Begonia Ho, Head of Scientific Affairs.

Begonia, Head of Scientific Affairs at Chronos allied with leaders in big data
Begonia Ho, PhD
Scientific Affairs, Head


How can bold ideas transform the industry?

The cannabinoid industry is a nascent industry–one that’s ripe for bold ideas and innovation. Cronos Group and its brands want to transform this industry through cannabinoid innovation. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by unlocking the full potential of cannabis. We think that untapped rare cannabinoids could have a variety of potential different use cases.

What makes your brand bold and audacious?

Cronos and its brands are bold and audacious because they are truly bringing consumers products and rare cannabinoids that have never before been available easily. In Canada, Cronos Group launched a gummy with CBG made using biosynthesis and fermentation–something no other company has done to date.


In a crowded market, why is it important to collaborate with like-minded businesses vs compete?

The cannabinoid industry is a new industry. Although cannabis is legal for medical and adult use in Canada, there is still stigma in the industry and it’s important that we all have standards and goals in order to move the industry forward responsibly. We’re proud to work with other like-minded businesses in that goal, including vendors and testing labs.

Why is the collaboration with Radicle Science important to your brand?

Working with Radicle Sciences is important to us because we want our innovation and our innovation pipeline to be informed by real data. It’s important to be able to guide our product development based on science to turn consumer insights into products and we’re using Radicle Sciences to help us do so.


What insights are needed most in this industry?

In the cannabinoid industry, claim substantiation is essential and incredibly important. Cronos Group is committed to only making claims that have been verified as we know that’s both required and incredibly important in order to gain consumer trust. We know we have to ensure the safety of our products while also uncovering efficacy and various potential need states and uses for rare cannabinoids.

What real-world evidence does a Radicle Science study offer that your brand believes is necessary?

The real-world consumer feedback that Radicle offers to us is necessary in two aspects: 1) supporting product development and 2) supporting claims we can communicate with consumers. We want to serve our consumers, and this is a way to help ensure we’re creating products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our consumers.


How does your brand ensure transparency for your customers?

In each market in which we operate we conduct lab testing to ensure our products are safe for consumers. In the U.S. market, all of our product COAs are available on our website. In Canada and Israel, we clearly state cannabinoid content on our labels.

How does Radicle Science help your brand to strengthen trust and credibility with your customers?

Radicle operates with a similar rigor and purpose as Cronos. Using Radicle’s data helps support our product development and gives us first-hand consumer data, which is incredibly valuable to gain credibility with all potential consumers. We don’t want to guess what consumers will respond to; we want to have data to back up our product development. Also, Radicle has the resources to recruit thousands of participants.


How does collaborating with Radicle Science help your brand achieve its purpose?

All of our brands are united under Cronos’ mission to improve lives. With the insights from Radicle, we’re able to work towards this goal.

What motivated your brand to participate in a study?

Part of our R&D process is to uncover safety, efficacy, various potential need states and uses for cannabinoids. We’re motivated by the possibility of creating products that can improve lives.

What is the overarching purpose of your brand?

The overarching purpose of our company and all of our brands is to improve lives via our products.

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