Radicle Science Spotlight: Maven Hemp

The 13 brands that are participating in Radicle ACES all share something in common with Radicle Science—a mission-driven business model. We asked brands to share a bit more with us about what makes them tick, specifically as related to these 5 values:

  • Audacious
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent
  • Purpose-driven

Today’s Radicle Science Spotlight features Maven Hemp. Check out how they are embodying these values, as described below by their CEO, Zev Barnett.

Zev Barnett
CEO, Maven Hemp


  • Maven Hemp is dedicated to shifting the paradigm for medicine in our lifetimes. We aim to see plant-based solutions being adopted freely and safely for a wide range of use cases
  • Our team at Maven is lean and mighty, while also being dedicated to realizing positive impact across our workplace that extends to our stakeholders. We are proud of our global network and related businesses that reach across fifteen countries thus far.

Maven Hemp is dedicated to shifting the paradigm for medicine in our lifetimes.

  • Our founder works directly with doctors, lobbyists, lawyers and other pioneers that have the attention of the highest tier of decision-makers for cannabis policy in Israel, and across Latin America.
  • Maven was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2017 and now produces more than twelve brands for customers in the USA, Israel, Brasil, Argentina and beyond –We continue to develop retail products and engage with our customers as part of our dedication to realizing stakeholder-driven positive impact.
  • Since our founding, we connected with experienced cannabis doctors and formulators to create efficacious products from the start.
  • Looking back four years ago, we were early adopters of cGMP materials and certifications. We expect our manufacturing and business development partners to deliver high quality results while abiding by the most meaningful standards, inclusive of our Supplier Code of Conduct.


  • Working with Radicle Science is ideal as, alongside our industry cohorts, we have been challenged by the lack of meaningful and transparent regulation from the FDA. Radicle embodies the same ideals as Maven, with goals to change the industry’s position for the better in the United States.
  • One of our very important projects, spurred by a partnership with doctors in Mexico, is to build a network of practicing medical cannabis physicians across the Americas. We have already introduced doctors we support, including those who are developing an epilepsy project in Argentina, to other mission-driven doctors in Panama, Colombia and Uruguay.
  • We treasure our long-standing partnerships with several companies and teams. Together, working with accomplished scientists and individuals dedicated to transparent industry development, we co-create mutually beneficial (buy-sell consult) projects. Two of our significant partners are pharmaceutical companies, one of which is publicly traded.


  • In order for meaningful progress to be made, our industry urgently needs evidence-based studies. Since regulatory challenges have continued to stifle innovation and any novel public work, the Radicle ACES study will show policy and decision-makers that the industry is vital to public health. Leading companies are ready to move forward to new, smart and sustainable regulations that will benefit all stakeholders.
  • Maven Hemp is in the midst of a new project to expand our offerings to include higher THC cannabis-based products. The goal is to create cannabis therapies that will ultimately be viewed as medicine. With the myriad of patient trials in Israel and the massive compendium of research at NIH, we are not far off from seeing evidence-based medicine derived from cannabis plants in the US. The Maven team is working diligently to create trusted medicinal products, based on verified data and research.
  • We will be able to prove how our science-driven initiatives, environmental, social and governance outcomes, influence our company’s performance. Not only are Maven and Radicle aligned from a values perspective, the Radicle ACES study is happening at precisely the right time for us to integrate economic, social and environmental impact across our business.


  • Since our beginnings as a wholesale product manufacturer house, we have always insisted on credible certificates of analysis from our lab suppliers. We demand quality from our partners and we are always loud about sharing this! Now that we have many customers on both the wholesale and retail sides, we are even more involved in keeping them informed and ensuring their compliance as well.
    With our CEO Zev Barnett’s speaking engagements at global industry events, we have built credibility with leading industry figures, medical practitioners, pharmaceutical executives, dispensary owners, brand houses and many importers.
  • Radical ACES has by virtue of announcing the project already given Maven Hemp increased credibility with current and new distributors. As the news is disseminated further, we expect to garner a larger retail audience as well.


  • The ACES trial is a huge opportunity for us as we are waiting for national health agency approval in two new countries, and we have products waiting on approval for pharmacy-level distribution in a third country. With data from our endeavor with Radicle ACES, we fully expect to open more doors with regulators in at least four countries where we have invested time, effort and funding in developing a market for our products.
  • We are already achieving our purpose to some degree, we just hope to expand this one-hundred or ten-thousand fold! With initiatives such as completing the B Impact Assessment and preparing for B Corp certification, we aim to measure and manage our impact in accordance with the most relevant standards and frameworks. Across the landscape of patient and customer well-being, workplace development, standards and compliance, we strive to continuously exercise environmentally and socially-conscious decision-making.
  • With our cannabinoid formulations, we are:

—treatment options that have no damaging side effects
—direct replacements for some medicines that have been proven ineffective


—people reduce their use of pharmaceuticals for a variety of needs states

—create more natural treatments and healthcare options for people

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