Radicle Science Spotlight: MD FARMA

The 13 brands that are participating in Radicle ACES all share something in common with Radicle Science—a mission-driven business model. We asked brands to share a bit more with us about what makes them tick, specifically as related to these 5 values:

  • Audacious
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent
  • Purpose-driven

Today’s Radicle Science Spotlight features MD FARMA. Check out how they are embodying these values, as described below by their Co-founder & President, Reggie Gatewood and Co-founder & CEO, Chad Collins.

Reggie Gatewood
Co-founder & President
Chad Collins
Co-founder & CEO


  • How can bold ideas transform the industry?
    – Those who are bold enough to think and act differently can transform ANY industry. Even in this highly competitive arena, there is still a sea of “sameness” as it relates to customer targeting, product design and advertising. Bold companies will veer off this highly traveled path and find a way to cultivate brand loyalty with hyper-focused targeting.
  • What makes MD FARMA bold and audacious?
    – When compared to the masses in the retail hemp and CBD industry, MD FARMA is disruptive because we play to our strengths. Our company was founded by two former pharma executives who place a very high premium on quality, education and a focus on licensed healthcare providers.


As part of our mission, education is just as important as quality.

  • In a crowded market, why is it important to collaborate with like-minded businesses vs compete?
    – As forecasts have shown, the hemp-derived CBD market is enormous and rapidly growing, so there is a tremendous amount of potential for companies who truly have a passion for quality and safety.
  • Why is the collaboration with Radicle ACES important to MD FARMA?
    – As part of our mission, education is just as important as quality. MD FARMA believes in bringing high quality products to licensed healthcare providers as well as our educational platform. By partnering with Radicle ACES, MD FARMA is investing in furthering science and education in a field that currently lacks both.


  • What insights are needed most in this industry?
    – As it relates to hemp-based cannabinoids (including CBD), there are still many questions around long-term quality, dosing and safety and a desire…especially in the healthcare sector…to standardize these and other parameters.
  • What real-world evidence does Radicle ACES offer that MD FARMA believes is necessary?
    – Radicle ACES is taking an important step in bridging the gap between consumers of hemp-derived CBD and the data and education that this space so desperately needs.


  • How does MD FARMA ensure transparency for their customers?
    – MD FARMA takes transparency incredibly serious. We 3rd party test along the entire supply chain including final reports for patients found on our QR codes on each product bottle.
  • How does Radicle ACES allow MD FARMA to strengthen the trust and credibility with their customers?
    – The ACES trial is a way to gain quantitative data through baseline assessments by patients across the country in pain, anxiety and sleep modalities. The consistent dosing and feedback measure against these modalities will yield concrete data relative to the effectiveness of products like ours.


  • How does Radicle ACES help MD FARMA achieve its purpose?
    – Radicle ACES bolters credibility by taking a scientific approach to capturing data across a variety of patient demographics, to which, enables patients to find more trust in quality CBD products.
  • What motivated MD FARMA to be part of Radicle ACES?
    – We were excited to be part of the largest study of its kind, the collaborative approach to seeking scientific, quantifiable data, and the professional associations with the universities involved.
  • What is MD FARMA’s overarching purpose?
    – MD FARMA is bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and their patients when it comes to understanding the endocannabinoid system and how cannabinoid therapy can impact it.

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