Radicle Science Spotlight: Trokie

The 13 brands that are participating in Radicle ACES all share something in common with Radicle Science—a mission-driven business model. We asked brands to share a bit more with us about what makes them tick, specifically as related to these 5 values:

  • Audacious
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent
  • Purpose-driven

Today’s Radicle Science Spotlight features Trokie. Check out how they are embodying these values, as described below by Gavin Chandler, CFA, Chief Executive Officer and Kenton Crowley, PharmD, Chief Medical Officer.

Gavin Chandler, CFA
Chief Executive Officer
Kenton Crowley, PharmD
Chief Medical Officer


  • Trokie has always been a company focused on evidence-based cannabis medicine. Our core product pillars include safety, accuracy and getting reproducible results. Before the Radicle ACES study, there was not an easy way to validate the clinical efficacy of cannabis products. Radicle ACES is a game changer.

Evidence Based

"To be part of such a first of its kind rigorous investigation of the efficacy of CBD in various clinical applications was irresistible. Being part of Radicle ACES was really synchronized with what we’re trying to achieve as a brand and company."

  • Cannabis is an adaptogenic herb with as many as 147 identified cannabinoids and over 500 physiologically active substances. With all those variables, Trokie’s approach has been to use sound pharmaceutical science to look at all the variables and provide a route of administration to minimize the variables that can impact the onset, bioavailability, and duration of action for the product being used. Maximizing the bioavailability is realized by our patented formulation. The Radicle ACES study is a step towards validating our clinical thesis.
  • Trokie is first and foremost a brand focused on delivering products for clinical applications. Without rigorous scientific investigations, all CBD products will remain questionable by clinicians and the patients they serve. Radicle ACES helps us establish our brand pillars of being a therapeutically focused brand they can trust.


  • A U Penn Medicine study found that 70% of online CBD products are mislabeled. Other studies have suggested that over 20% of people won’t try CBD because they don’t trust the products or manufacturers. Physicians are at a loss to make suggestions to their patients who inquire about cannabis therapeutics, because of the lack of peer-reviewed data, lack of knowledge of quality brands, lack of education on all the former, etc.
  • For the first time in the US, and driven by the FDA request for answers about the safety and efficacy of cannabis products, Radicle Sciences has taken that challenge and allowed top-shelf companies in the space to have an affordable way to evaluate and compare their products in a rigorous scientific way. Trokie, as well as the other great brands in the Radicle ACES study, have engaged to help generate this “real world” data that the FDA and the medical community continues to ask for. This can only help to raise the trust of these brands and their products for clinicians and their patients.


  • Our purpose is to be one of the CBD brands that patients think of when they are looking for cannabis therapeutics to improve their lives. We also want that reputation with the clinicians that those patients consult with. Radicle ACES definitely moves us in that direction.
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