The CBD Guide Podcast with Nicole Brown, Chief Innovation Officer of Open Book Extracts, and Michelle L. Shuffett, Chief Growth Officer of Radicle Science

In October, I had an interesting, quick chat with Nicole Brown, Chief Innovation Officer of Open Book Extracts, and Scott Hawksworth, The CBD Guide host. We spoke about the medical cannabis industry, and also the health and wellness industry as a whole.


“There’s so many really incredible things that plants can do, particularly CBD and other cannabinoids but the consumer often knows more than the health care providers.”

Michelle L. Shuffett, MD

With the alliance that Radicle Science has formed with Open Book Extracts (OBX) we hope to create total transparency into what’s in these cannabis products and test their efficacy.

“Through our partnership with Radicle Science, through the alliance, we are able to allow all the clients that we serve as well as ourselves together as an entity to do the research to provide the validation that is going to bridge the gap with consumer trust and consumer understanding in the space.”

Nicole Brown


The biggest takeaway was the importance of building consumer trust in an industry that has been largely unregulated and not thoroughly tested. You can find the Radicle Science and OBX podcast with The CBD Guide on Audible, under October 28. Happy listening!

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