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The new year is right around the corner and with it come the challenges of staying ahead of the trends, understanding consumer needs, and creating innovative products. At Radicle Science, we provide brands with rigorous research to power your strategic decisions, enable product differentiation, and ensure you are targeting the right consumers for the right reasons. We have 3 new Radicle Research offerings with enrollment open ’til the end of the year for limited study calendar slots in early 2022. Bookings made now are eligible for an end-of-year discount.

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Radicle Discovery

What if you had the power to discover the effects of your cannabinoid products for dosing, formulations, and form factors before they went to market?

Radicle Discovery was specially designed by our clinical research team to help your brand accomplish what used to be an expensive and time consuming process. Now you can conduct your own 4-week, blinded, randomized, controlled trial (RCT) of cannabinoid products against placebo or active control and unlock the mysteries of cannabinoid science. Our focus in early 2022 will be on products containing CBN for sleep and THCV for appetite and/or focus.


Sign up by end-of-year is required to ensure your product has an opportunity to participate in these studies, launching in January and February.

Radicle Real World Anxiety

Want to know who, how, and why your consumers are using your products in the real world?

Radicle Science is enrolling brands for the Radicle Real World Anxiety study series.

Limited slots will be available for this Radicle Real World study launching in January! In these 4-week, RCTs, we recruit totally new users and study your orally ingestible cannabinoid products to generate RWE insights in a variety of areas, with a focus on stress/anxiety related parameters.


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Radicle Snapshot

Interested in driving customer retention and differentiating your brand?

Radicle Snapshot is a new offering, launching at the end of this year. It leverages your existing customers to collect real-world data (RWD) on a specific product at a single point-in-time. Our Radicle approach will help you understand customer demographics, behavior, health status, dosing, usage patterns, perceived effectiveness for various health outcomes, onset and duration of effect, and noticeable side effects.



As our latest offering, Radicle is pleased to offer a discount for bookings in 2021 (can be executed in 2022). Bundle discounts also apply!

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