Creating a Radicle Rebellion

As many of you know, I shifted my focus away from tech nearly 5 years ago to drive meaningful impact through both my non-profit Wholistic Research and Education Foundation as well as my deep engagement with UC San Diego as a Trustee and Treasurer. It has been deeply fulfilling and generative—all that I hoped for and more. My experiences also gave me an insider’s perspective into the enormous opportunities for impact in natural medicine science. That’s what led me to partner with like-spirited maverick and founder of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative Jeff Chen MD/MBA to co-found Radicle Science, a transformative healthtech B-corp operating at the intersection of big data, digital health, and natural medicine.

"Given my tech career, I’ve personally experienced how a data-driven approach can transform entire industries. So, I wanted to bring that same evidence-based thinking to uncover products that might be best suited for our unique bodies and health conditions."

Pelin Thorogood

Co-founder, Executive Chairwoman

In this article, I share what’s motivated me to return to my tech roots to start a Radicle Rebellion against the status quo of healthcare and research, to move us closer to democratized, personalized medicines that have the potential to provide wellness for all future generations. Radicle Science was borne of our innate belief that there is a better way. I’m excited to share what has become the most audacious endeavor of my life thus far.

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