"Imagine what our world would look like if we had comprehensive knowledge of the health effects of every plant. It would be a world of trusted, widely used, democratized, natural medicines for ALL future generations!"

Jeff Chen, MD, MBA

Co-founder, CEO

Friends, after serving three years as the Founder and Executive Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, I concluded my work on campus last summer.

Since then I’ve been working in stealth with my cofounder Pelin Wood Thorogood on a bold, new company we are unveiling TODAY: Radicle Science! We’re a transformative healthtech B-corp validating natural medicine for the first time in history.

Dr. Jeff Chen and Pelin Thorogood are co-founders of industry's largest scale and diverse clinical trials

A Radicle Movement

This article is my first ever public mention of Radicle Science. I’d love to hear from you how we can collaborate to build this Radicle Movement. We are initially focused on CBD research and education but will soon expand to cannabis research and eventually other natural medicine categories.

Please follow us on the Radicle Science LinkedIn page where we’ll share updates on all our projects and research findings.

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