Dynamic. Happy-go-Lucky. Neophiliac.

Corey joined Radicle with a background in health psychology and a focus on neuropsychology. He has experience in the private sector, academia, and government, with a strong emphasis on improving the human condition and saving lives.With a focus on research, statistics, and data science, Corey’s experience working with startups gives him an understanding of the unique needs of such organizations. Ultimately, his goal, like Radicle’s, is to improve the human condition through research, data science, and technology.

Outside of work, Corey has a variety of hobbies, such as mountain biking, camping, stargazing, water activities, gaming, playing paintball, and gardening. Some personal facts include being left-handed, saving multiple lives in the past five years, being sociable and striking up conversations with people around him, and developing an open-source statistical programming package that has been used in peer-reviewed studies, books, and taught at universities.

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