The Radicle Manifesto

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have turned to health and wellness products for healing. Many such remedies are still used by billions around the world. Yet lack of funding, slow speed, and high cost of clinical trials—not to mention the risk aversion of traditional institutions—stand in the way of legitimate research on these treatments.

Worse still, the small size and strict criteria of traditional trials significantly reduces their relevance to real-world heterogeneous populations. The result is a lack of evidence on natural product safety and efficacy that limits their full potential as affordable, accessible treatments for all, while also eroding trust in this massive industry.

No More! Driven by our frustrations with the current ineffective model, and our effort to accelerate our original missions we established at the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative and the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation, we joined forces to co-found Radicle Science. We knew we could plummet the cost and time of research by at least 10x, while still generating rigorous health data, if we;

  • avoid federal funding restrictions

  • bypass institutional bureaucracy

  • eliminate physical infrastructure

  • run our studies in a virtual, direct to consumer, crowdsourced fashion.

Just as importantly, we saw this as a unique opportunity to bring much needed equity and diversity into medical research.

The unprecedented scale and reach of our intentionally heterogeneous studies finally enables inclusion of diverse ethnicities, genders, age groups, behavioral habits, and pre-existing health conditions to move us closer to personalized medicine for the population at large.

At its core, Radicle is a Rebellion against the status quo of healthcare and research…

Radicle Science was borne of our innate belief that there is a better way. We believe it is time to create a world where affordable health and wellness products are trusted by patients, recommended by healthcare providers, reimbursed by insurance, and are used as widely as pharmaceutical drugs. At its core, Radicle is a Rebellion against the status quo of healthcare and research and a Movement towards democratized, personalized treatments that have the potential to deliver well-being for all future generations. That’s the world we are creating, and we want you to join us. It’s not a crazy idea. It’s a Radicle one.

our roots photo

Jeff & Pelin

Radicle Science Co-founders & Rebels With a Cause
Our Roots Signatures
The first root to emerge from a plant.

A constant reminder of our radically disruptive approach.

Our Credo

As a B-corp, we are dedicated to uncovering the objective health outcome data behind health and wellness products to unlock safe, effective and affordable treatments for all. Who we are, how we operate, and how we grow are grounded in shared values that constantly inspire us to make good on our mission.


A big idea, boldly executed by an inspired team, is the best way to transform the world.


Cooperation, rooted in aligned goals, is fundamental to both business success and societal progress.


Open, clear, and factual communication is essential for trust and credibility.


Rigorously collected and analyzed data, not anecdotes, should drive everything from health choices to business decisions.


Applying modern science to health and wellness products is what’s needed to unlock safe, effective, and democratized treatments for humanity.

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