Data scientist. Translates health data into actionable insights. Gamer, with a love of chess.

Armin Jamshidi, MS, is a data scientist and machine learning expert who joined Radicle Science as the Director of Data Science. He is deeply passionate about the impact of machine learning applications on health data, and is channeling that passion at Radicle to directly impact the wellbeing of people through personalized medicine for the population at large.

While at UC San Diego, Armin gained experience in the healthtech space by working as a deep learning researcher focused on semantic segmentation for musculoskeletal MRI imaging. He supported a database of medical images and deployed a method to analyze image data over time to determine musculoskeletal health. The software was then leveraged across multiple infrastructures.

Outside of work, Armin loves to go bouldering, play chess, and also explore the city of Los Angeles with his newfound passion for film photography.

Armin earned his BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and MS in Machine Learning and Data Science at UC San Diego.

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