Problem solver. Adventurer. Motorcycle enthusiast.

Jason has been in technology and startups for the last 25 years and has made impacts in a number of different industries including nootropics, pharmaceuticals, defense, and wearables. He sees technology as a tool to solve problems and applies his team’s combined experience to solve those problems, whether it be a healthier lifestyle or simply shaking things up.

His early career started in Army Intelligence and he worked on several high profile technical projects. Since then he has been involved in the startup industry applying his knowledge of data analytics, development, and technical team leadership to get quality solutions to the market. His experience delves into pharmaceutical, customer relationship management, enterprise tools, and social platforms.

When Jason’t isn’t working, he’s out adventuring, as true Radicle Rebels do. He’s his own brand of “Action Adventure Geek,” whether is riding his motorcycle to the Arctic Circle, mountain biking via helicopter in the Canadian Rockies, or just out camping in the wilderness.

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