Motivated. Resourceful. Dedicated.

Megan worked in oncology for eighteen years before she was contacted by Dr. Emily Pauli about an open position on her Radicle Science research team. While working together for a number of years in Dr. Emily’s former oncology lab, they both shared similar frustrations with the traditional research model. She was excited by Radicle’s vision of making studies more available to diverse groups and researching what they consume in their daily lives. At Radicle, Megan loves working with volunteers and ensuring they have the best experiences possible. She enjoys trouble-shooting and getting deeper into the details of our studies.

As a Research Lab Coordinator Megan oversaw the collection, processing, and storage of research patient specimens. She was also on the Cancer Committee at her local hospital helping doctors, nurses and other medical professionals create many procedures for the oncology community. During Megan’s career in oncology she gave upwards of 20,000 informed consents for real world pharma trials.

Megan enjoys spending time with her husband Joe and their two kids, Jaxon and Baylor, at the beach and in the mountains. Her hobbies include watching (and shouting at) baseball and football games, gardening in her backyard and crafting. She is also a huge un-ironic fan of Hallmark holiday movies.

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