Customer success driven. Organizer. Life-long Learner.

Meghan is passionate about natural health and healing, as well as empowering individuals to make informed choices. She’s also driven to build streamlined systems for optimal flow. Her goal is to create a seamless experience for clients as well as participants as they engage with Radicle Science. Meghan thrives on building relationships, creating operational efficiencies, coordinating cross-functional teams, and leaving no detail unchecked.

Before joining Radicle Science, Meghan was the Director of Customer Engagement at Aisle Planner, a cloud-based project and business management tool in the Wedding and Event industry. Meghan was employee #3 and involved in all aspects of system creation, tracking feedback, prioritizing the development schedule, regression testing, bug replication/reporting, as well as training, onboarding, and retaining users. She also ran an education-related non-profit for several years, and prior to that worked in project management and business development at

Meghan earned her MBA at the University of Washington and a BA at UC Santa Barbara. When not working, Meghan loves hiking, backpacking, cooking, yoga, breathwork/meditation, hanging with her 2 teens, tennis, reading, volunteering, and going to concerts and festivals.

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