Creative. Enthusiastic. Explorer.

Varun is passionate about using technology to solve practical, real-world business problems and engineer products that positively impact the world, which is why Radicle’s B-corp mission resonates with him. His goal is to gain a wide breadth of experience across different disciplines, so when a friend approached him about joining Radicle Science, he jumped at the chance.

Varun got his B.S. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Business from UC San Diego. He was interested in using data to make practical decisions, so decided to stay and get his graduate M.S. in Machine Learning and Data Science, also at UC San Diego. Throughout his education, Varun has interned in different industries across the US. He has built internal software to keep track of product features, implemented a data simulation for next-generation MEO satellites and spearheaded the AI initiative for a cloud video processing project.

Varun was fortunate to grow up in different countries around the globe, including India, Kenya, Singapore, Netherlands and experience their different cultures. This has set him on a journey to explore what life has to offer and use these lessons to become the happiest, healthiest and most positive version of himself.

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