Disciplined. Empathic. Kind

With nearly two decades of experience, Sarah Chase has specialized in supporting startup companies and nonprofit organizations within the media, marketing, broadcast, and communication sectors. Her career has seen her in roles such as COO, CFO, Communication, and Business Development positions, where she worked alongside executive teams in the United States, Europe, and Asia to transform high-level visions into thriving corporate entities. Throughout her career, Sarah has accomplished diverse tasks, from securing substantial funding and orchestrating press conferences at prestigious venues like Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium to crafting last-minute speeches in private jets over Iowa. She has also managed substantial grants from organizations like the Gates Foundation and coordinated film crews in bustling urban environments like 5th Avenue.

Professionally, Sarah’s passion lies in making the world a better place and leaving a positive impact. She is committed to improving society and the lives of individuals she interacts with. On a personal note, Sarah is an endurance runner, reflecting her dedication to personal fitness and well-being. She is also deeply involved in her local community, further highlighting her commitment to making a positive impact at a grassroots level

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