In today’s saturated market of wellness products, consumers are no longer content with mere promises; they demand proof. The 2024 McKinsey Future Of Wellness Report identified “Efficacy and Scientific Credibility” as the top two most important factors in selecting wellness products. As such, the need for substantiated claims has never been more pressing. Radicle Science is history’s first Proof-as-a-Service company, revolutionizing clinical trials to empower supplements to easily prove their true effects beyond placebo.

Consumers seek “clinically proven” products, as per McKinsey, and are no longer simply trying out wellness trends and hoping for the best. Randomized controlled human clinical trials are generally the type of substantiation required for health claims, whether explicit or implied. Our approach adheres to rigorous scientific principles, ensuring compliance with FTC guidelines.

Our disruptive approach to clinical trials redefines the landscape by making them significantly more accessible and efficient. With our methods, trials become 10 times more affordable, completed in less than 180 days, and involve a larger minimum of up to 500 (or more) participants, ensuring robust data collection. This greater sample size leads to a better chance of beating placebo with statistical significance- the hurdle for claims. Moreover, our approach offers greater predictability and increased chances of success, all while providing a turnkey solution that streamlines the entire process. This combination of affordability, speed, scale, reliability, and simplicity represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of clinical research, empowering businesses to substantiate their claims with unprecedented ease and effectiveness.

The benefits of our approach are extensive and diverse. Firstly, it leads to greater revenue and margins for businesses, as substantiated claims attract more customers and command premium prices. Additionally, it drives higher purchase intent and a willingness to pay more from consumers who value products with proven efficacy. Furthermore, our methods facilitate the optimization of R&D product formulations and ingredient doses, ensuring that products are tailored to deliver the best results. Lastly, our commitment to peer-reviewed publications and engagement with the medical community, media, and influencers enhances the credibility of both the products and the companies behind them. Media companies that work with influencers and the medical community have policies and training that ignore results unless they’ve been published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal. Our system fosters trust and loyalty among a wide range of stakeholders. 

Proof drives marketing claims, revenue, and margins, while optimizing formulation and dosage. With advancements in AI and virtualization, obtaining proof has become more affordable and rapid than ever before. Radicle Science stands at the forefront of a new era in wellness, where claims are substantiated, products are trusted, and consumers thrive on the basis of scientific evidence.

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