The world of dietary supplements is a crowded and competitive one. With so many products vying for consumer attention, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for companies to stand out from the crowd. The key to success? Evidence. In a world where consumers are more health-conscious than ever, producing products with scientifically validated evidence of efficacy is becoming a necessity. The best way to do this? Run a randomized clinical trial. 

Allow me to quickly introduce you to our Radicle Science client, MDbio – The Doctor’s Brand™, and explain why MDbio conducted a clinical trial with us and how these results turned out to be the best marketing spend they made last year!

MDbio’s trial consisted of 620 participants and demonstrated statistically significant improvements in sleep quality, anxiety, stress, and well-being compared to a placebo. These results were published in a peer-reviewed journal, which gave the product scientific and medical credibility.

But why is this so important for marketing? In today’s world, consumers are more health-conscious and skeptical than ever. And with the astronomical rise of social media, it’s become easy for anyone to make wild health claims without any scientific basis. Consumers are wary of questionable claims and are looking for scientifically validated evidence to support their purchases. MDsleep™’s trial results provide a unique selling proposition that differentiates the brand in the crowded dietary supplement market. And it’s not just about attracting customers; these trial results also increase consumer trust in the product.

Running a randomized clinical trial is the most important use of marketing spend a company can make  because it provides scientific validation and substantiation of claims. And it’s not just about differentiating a brand and increasing consumer trust; it also has potential benefits for earned media exposure. The publication of trial results in peer-reviewed journals provides an opening for meaningful press coverages, as well as beneficial “word of mouth marketing” on social media and beyond. This further enhances the credibility of the product and increases awareness of the brand.

MDbio’s case study demonstrates how a clinical trial can be a game-changer for any dietary supplement company. With truthfully “clinically proven” claims, the company was able to differentiate their product and distinguish themselves from their competitors. The rigorous trial also improved their product development process and led to increased sales.

The MDbio case study shows that a clinical trial can lead to scientifically validated evidence, differentiation in the market, and increased consumer trust. With consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious (and scientifically savvy), the importance of evidence-based supplements will only grow. Conducting a clinical trial not only benefits the company, but also provides much-needed credibility and transparency for the entire supplement industry.

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