Our Team

From our founders and executive team to our advisors and researchers, we have assembled some of the foremost experts and trailblazers to transform clinical trials and health insight generation.

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Founder pelin
Pelin Thorogood, M.Eng, MBA
Co-founder, Executive Chairwoman
Founder jeff
Jeff Chen, MD, MBA
Co-founder, CEO

Founding team

Sheldon Borkin Prog5 5 033 2
Sheldon Borkin, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Michelle main bio min
Michelle L. Shuffett, MD
Chief Growth Officer
Ted bio
Ted Roth, JD
Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer
Emily P -preferred headshot
Emily K. Pauli, PharmD
Chief Research Officer
Leo Robinton
Leo Robinton
VP of Brand Partnerships
Meghan Laurs, MBA
VP of Operations
Armin 4 14
Armin Jamshidi, MS
Director of Data Science
Jessica Saleska, PhD, MPH
Director of Research
Bruce Hansen wider shot
Bruce Hansen, MBA
Independent Director
Diamandis peter
Peter H. Diamandis, MD
Chairman of Advisory Board
Martin Hahn min
Martin Hahn, JD
Regulatory Counsel

Advisory Team

Our advisory team brings together experts from the cutting edge of science, technology, health and beyond to support our mission to offer the first ever path to natural medicine validation.

Scientific Advisory Board
Strategic Advisory Board
Scientific Experts
Rhona Applebaum
Rhona S. Applebaum, PhD
CPG, Health, & Regulation.
Noah head shot 2013 2021 05 13 15204022
Noah Federman, MD
Clinical Trials.
J fielding22
Jonathan Fielding, MD, MBA, MA, MPH
Public Health.
Sherry Franklin
Sherry Franklin, MD
Health Insurance.
Rosemary Mazanet
Rosemary Mazanet, MD, PhD
Cannabinoids, Life Sciences, & Drug Development.
Vicki Headshot
Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, PhD
Innovation & Research.
Sean D Young Ph Dnew
Sean Young, PhD
Data & Analytics.
Katharina sophia volz
Katharina Sophia Volz, PhD
Drug Discovery.
Jaclyn Bowen, MPH, MS
Consumer Quality & Safety.
Adam Growald
Adam Rockefeller Growald
Michael kamins 2
Michael Kamins, MBA
Charlie lyons
Charlie Lyons
Satish tadikonda
Satish Tadikonda, PhD
Health Tech.
Tyler Wakstein use this one
Tyler Wakstein
Social Change.
Alexander "Sasha" Bystritsky, MD, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Science, UCLA.
Chris colwell
Chris Colwell, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Science, UCLA.
Kelsey Headshot -cropped version
Kelsey Laird, PhD
Clinical Psychologist & Research Scientist.
Derek loewy
Derek Loewy, PhD
Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine at Scripps Clinic Sleep Center.
Ethan Russo headshot 2015
Ethan Russo, MD
Neurologist. Psychopharmacologist.
Kate Taylor pic
Kate Taylor, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Science, UCLA.
Ryan Vandrey
Ryan Vandrey, PhD
Professor, Behavioral Pharmacology, Johns Hopkins University.
400x600 Jill Waalen
Jill Waalen, MD, MPH
Co-director, Biostatistics, Scripps Research Translational Institute
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"I’ve personally experienced how a data-driven approach can transform entire industries. I co-founded Radicle Science to bring that same evidence-based thinking to advance natural medicine science. It is about time we leverage the power of rigorous health outcome data at scale to inform smarter health and business decisions for all."

Pelin Thorogood, M.Eng, MBA
Radicle Science Co-founder

"I spent my whole life becoming a physician so I could heal, only to realize our modern medicines were failing so many folks who were suffering. I co-founded Radicle Science to unlock an entirely new category of trusted treatments. Radicle Science is ushering in a new era of effective democratized medicines by validating the health effects of natural products for the first time."

Jeffrey Chen, MD, MBA
Radicle Science Co-founder

"As an expert speaker, the most common question I get about CBD is “how do I know how much to use and when?” Radicle Science will help answer that by providing rigorous data for the first time in history. These insights will arm health care providers with insights to guide their patients and empower consumers to make smart choices for themselves."

Michelle L. Shuffett, MD
Chief Growth Officer

"Beginning as adolescents, we make decisions that have lifelong consequences for our health and well being —and often without the necessary information. Radicle Science gives me the opportunity to help validate natural medicine efficacy for the first time ever to increase our confidence in those all-important choices we each make."

Ted Roth, JD

"Spending the first half of my career in genetics & genomics, I realized the power of collaborative research, streamlining processes, and harnessing technology for the greater good. Attempting to apply the same philosophy to oncology drug development, I met opposition... frequently. I joined Radicle Science to disrupt the status quo, leverage the rigor of clinical research without the inefficiencies of traditional models, and bring natural products BACK into the forefront of Western medicine (as it was for centuries prior)."

Emily K. Pauli, PharmD
Chief Research Officer

"I joined Radicle Science to bring transparency to the $150B global supplements industry by democratizing access to personalized data reporting and research. I believe that informed and empowered individuals will transform the healthcare industry."

Leo Robinton
VP of Brand Partnerships

advanced university degrees

We’re a highly-experienced team of renowned experts and trailblazers operating at the intersection of digital health, big data, and natural medicines.


of years of experience

Our collective experience in clinical trials, big data and analytics, public health, pharma, FDA and digital marketing bring a new approach to clinical trials and insight generation.


big idea, boldly executed

Radicle Science reimagines the traditional pharmaceutical and academic research model to deliver rigorous health outcome data at a fraction of the time and cost.

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